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sticky double sided foam pads (tapes) Different Layers

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Sticky's double sided foam tape (foam pads) comes with a 3M grade strong adhesive. It can be easily used to mount posters or any other decorative items on the wall. The main advantage of using Sticky’s double sided tape (foam pads) is that it can be used for both short term and long term purposes. Its flexible nature enables it to be moved or changed easily. It merely depends on the user as to how he wishes to use it.

Wall nails cause unnecessary holes on the walls which do not look good. Using Sticky’s double sided foam tape (foam pads) has many benefits. One of them being, it does not cause any dirt on the wall and even after its removal from the wall, the surface remains intact. Double sided tape (foam pads) is the best solution to bond two different surfaces with each other either temporary or permanently. Double sided adhesive tapes (foam pads) are used in many industries; people from the arts & craft industry use it extensively. Sticky’s double sided adhesive tapes (foam pads) are so easy to use that one has to only peel and stick it. The kind of material used in Sticky’s double sided tape (foam pads) makes it completely adjustable with any kind of surface.

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