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Sticky -Bumper Paint Protection Kit (4 Stripes)

Sticky Bumper Car Paint Protection Kit (Film)
Sticky Bumper Car Paint Protection Kit (Film)
Sticky Bumper Car Paint Protection Kit (Film) Usage
Sticky Bumper Car Paint Protection Kit (Film) Application & Usage Instruction
Rs. 1,300.00

Protects from scratches, chips, stains and paint wear off.

All our films can be applied at home by referring our application videos and manual which comes with the kits.
Find below the application tutorial.

Sticky -Door Edge Paint Protection Kit (4 Stripes)

Sticky Door Edge Car Paint Protection Kit (Film)
Sticky Door Edge Car Paint Protection Kit (Film)
Sticky Door Edge Car Paint Protection Kit (Film) Usage
Sticky Door Edge Car Paint Protection Kit (Film) Application
Sticky Door Edge Car Paint Protection Kit (Film) Usage Instructions
Rs. 650.00

Protects from scratches, chips, stains and paint wear off.

All our films can be applied at home by referring our application videos and manual which comes with the kits.
Find below the application tutorial.

Sticky -Door Handle Cavity Paint Protection Kit (4 Oval Shape Diecuts)

Sticky Door Handle Cavity Car Paint Protection Kit (film)
Sticky Door Handle Cavity Car Paint Protection Kit (film)
Sticky Door Handle Cavity Car Paint Protection Kit (film) usage
Sticky Door Handle cavity Car Paint Protection Kit (film) Application &  Instructions
Rs. 550.00
Rs. 600.00

Protects from scratches, chips, stains and paint wear off.

All our films can be applied at home by referring our application videos and manual which comes with the kits.
Find below the application tutorial.

Sticky -Mirror Edge Paint Protection Kit (2 Stripes)

Sticky Mirror Edge Car Paint Protection Kit (Film)
Sticky Mirror Edge Car Paint Protection Kit (Film)
Sticky Mirror Edge Car Paint Protection Kit (Film) Usage
Sticky Mirror Edge Car Paint Protection Kit (Film) Application & Instructions
Rs. 400.00
Rs. 500.00

Protects from scratches, chips, stains and paint wear off.

All our films can be applied at home by referring our application videos and manual which comes with the kits.
Find below the application tutorial.

Sticky -Door Sill Paint Protection Kit (2 Stripes)

Sticky Door Still Car Paint Protection Kit (Film)
Sticky Door Still Car Paint Protection Kit (Film)
Sticky Door Still Car Paint Protection Kit (Film) Usage
Sticky Door Still Car Paint Protection Kit (Film) Application & Instructions
Rs. 990.00

Protects from scratches, chips, stains and paint wear off.

All our films can be applied at home by referring our application videos and manual which comes with the kits.
Find below the application tutorial.


Introducing Sticky Car Paint Protection Films just for you! Don't let the showroom finish on your car vanish! Our Paint Protection Films for Car come with some exciting features. Its self-curative property makes the Paint Protection Film maintenance free. Sticky’s Car Paint Protection Kits come with instructions for the right application.

Why is Car Paint Protection Necessary?

Every car owner desires to keep their car as new as possible for a longer period, although if one is maintaining the car regularly then too outside threats to the car's exterior are unavoidable.

Nowadays to preserve the car’s originality seems to be a big challenge for every car owner due to the congestive roads in cities where population density is higher and there is congestion every here and there due to limited space, this has given rise to vehicle traffic where people tend to rush to their destination on their vehicles, this all gives rise to traffic where all types of vehicles ply on same roads and the chances of getting collision with each other vehicles increases, and at that time the expensive cars are vulnerable to scratches, cuts, etc.

Even though if a car is kept still like if it is parked outside near trees there are chances that a tree sap or bird dropping may occur or tree leaves may be there for a long time on a car, so due to all these kind of things car paint may get affected and if this type of things occurs frequently then it increases the chance of damage that can be caused to the car paint.

If a car is used very much for traveling then there may be a probability of damage to the car’s paint due to stone chips, dust particles as these are things which can happen to a car normally, In the rainy season when a car is used there are chances of getting the mud water attached to the car as mud may contain dirty water, small stones with the rainy water, with this if the mud stays for a longer time on the car’s surface the paint may get affected and can cause fading.

Dirty accessories, when used for washing a car, can damage the look of the car, if a user is using the same cloth again and again which may have dust, sand, and grit the cloth which is used will cause scratches on the car's surface which are very disadvantageous. Also, the car's surface may get damaged if any unknown chemical material is used for washing.

Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause damage to the car's paint as excessive exposure to the harmful rays can affect the paint of the car. So it is very necessary to protect car paint from all the threats.

No matter how careful a car user is to protect his/her car exterior from damage there are no answers to actions like scratching the paint of the car intentionally or unintentionally, all these things pose a challenge to protect the paint of a car.

Repairing the car’s exterior is not easy as the costs are very high, and already a car owner has to invest a good amount in buying the car so the cost of repairing the car's exterior now and then amounts very heavily. Also, there are no assurances that the car’s exterior will not be damaged after the repair or replacement work.

Due to all these things a strong and a long-lasting protection layer which is designed to take care of all the above-mentioned things is required, the one which can resist any type of natural or non-natural damage to the car’s exterior, for this, a good quality, reliable and cost-effective car paint protection is required which usually come in many different types all of them have their unique features, qualities, and effectiveness as all specifications make them distinct with each other.

Car exterior protection is very much needed as the cars on the roads are increasing day by day because many people are developing the need for a comfortable ride to their places, so the car's exterior is vulnerable to any type of damages, there is no rule or guidelines in providing a car paint protection layer to the end customer when buying a car, it depends on the car manufacturer whether to provide it to the user or not. As the paint protection coating market is developing at a nice pace and car owners are now increasingly getting aware of the need for a reliable car paint protection coating, with the help of which keeping the car paint shelf life for a long time is possible.

Do New Cars Need Paint Protection?

Nowadays many people buy new cars and every car owner wants to keep his/her car in the showroom condition as new as they received from the dealer. As when a car is new every car owner gets extra careful in driving their car which they think that in this way they would protect their car’s exterior from unwanted damages.

It is also a reality that however careful the car owner remains in driving or maintaining his/her car there are people who intentionally or unintentionally cause damage to the car, not only people there is also a cause of concern for car owners from nature as well as like dust, rain, the sun which in this or that form cause damage to the car's exterior which are not in control in anyone's hands.

Washing a car regularly is one of the easy ways to protect the car’s paint as by using this technique one can remove the dust which gets settled and other temporary things also get removed while washing the car, like these, all things have a limited and short impact on the look of the car so there are no worries about that.

There can be very serious damages that can happen to a car’s paint and which are in no way can be repaired or removed from the car by someone by using any of their techniques, there are many types of damages like scratches, cuts, fading to the car’s paint which can only be handled by trained mechanics at the service center, and the cost for the replacement or repair is not cheap as it takes time and works both to repair or replace the damage done to the paint of the car.

Also, there is very little awareness among the people regarding paint protection required for the car, as car manufacturers don't provide any type of information or service to protect the paint of a car. Many users get to know about the car paint protection coating after their car paint gets damaged, there is inefficient information around the world as well regarding the paint protection coating for the car.

There are many car owners who do not have enough time to maintain their expensive cars from external threats so they simply trust on car dealers or service center specialist to look after their car, and which according to them is correct in some sense but as like car owners who have little time to look after their car the car dealers are also too busy to increase their sales as due to which they promote special offers and provide discounts on car purchase, but little they think of providing protection to the car’s exterior part as due to which many car owners do not get enough idea regarding one of the important things in their car purchase, as after the dealer sells their car to customers they look to sell their other cars so they do not provide enough support regarding the protection of the car’s paint, car service centers also behave nearly the same way as that of car dealers the difference is that they tend to concentrate on how many car services they do on a single day so due to this they too provide very little suggestions to car owners regarding the need for a car paint protection coating.

The only alternatives come from third party car paint protection coating providers who do provide different types of paint protection for cars, as due to this at least car owners get to know the importance of protecting their cars paint from external threats.

As part of the ecosystem, we aim to provide complete information and practical solutions to protect the car's paint from external threats. Our only intended as a responsible service provider is to offer solutions that the end-user can trust and provide our customers with the best value for their money spent on our products.

Be it new or old, cars are always vulnerable to all types of damages which can happen to their exterior part of the car, so a car is dear to every car owner doesn’t matter if it is new or old, what matters the most is the protection of the car from external threats which can damage the surface of the car. So it is always wise to protect the car’s surface from any untoward incident.

So looking at the world where there are insurances available to nearly everything be it human beings, non-movable property to vehicles, so it becomes very necessary to protect the car’s exterior from being damaged, as the car paint protection coating acts as an insurance to the car’s paint and protects the paint from getting damaged.

Choosing the right product to protect the car’s paint is very vital, because quality matters and which many car owners also prefer a value for their money spent, the greater the quality of the product the greater will be its shelf life, durability, stiffness, and resistance.

With Sticky, we can assure our customers that their car's paint will be protected from scratches, chips, stains, and paint wear offs for a long period and their car's paint would be preserved in all weather conditions. 

What Types of Car Paint Protection Coating are Available?

There are many types of car paint protection coating available in the market due to which users get confused about which one is better for their car. Below is the brief difference between each of them and it will help you know which one is better.

Carnauba Wax - This type of coating is made up of old technology and does not provide any protection from unwanted scratches, it also does not provide any shield against any rubbing or washable detergents. The shelf life of carnauba wax is also very less as it lasts only for a maximum of 3 months in extreme weather conditions.

Synthetic Sealants - This type of sealant is made from a lot of base compounds, the most used material is a polymer. Sealants are also somewhat hard to apply and can anywhere last for about 6-12 months. It provides a protective layer that protects the car paint.

Ceramic Coating - This type of coatings are made up of silica dioxide and last for years but can be removed by extreme abrasion. These types of coatings are costly and do not contain self-healing property. If proper washing techniques are not followed while washing the ceramic coated car then swirls marks will be created in the car. So the ceramic coating does not provide extreme protection from outer hazards to the car.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) - These are clear thin films which are applied to the most vulnerable parts of the car like the bumpers, side mirrors, doors, etc. to prevent the surface from scratches, marring, abrasion, swirls, cuts, etc. these films are also very easy to apply and are made up of good chemical materials which are environment friendly, Overall the effectiveness, shelf life of the paint protection film is much longer as compared to the carnauba wax, synthetic sealants, and ceramic coating. 

Which Type of Car Paint Protection Coating You Should Choose?

Choosing the right type of car paint protection coating depends upon the requirement of a user in other terms his/her personal choices & preferences.

The points which should be considered can be like the one which lasts longer, has very good resistance against any dust, abrasion, scratching, etc. and which requires very less maintenance and is user friendly and comes within the purchasing limits all these things come very handy in deciding the type of car paint protection coating one wants.

Paint Protection Film provides long term protection and acts as a form of defense against any type of damage to the car paint. It prevents hard spots from getting settled on to the surface. The film does not get faded away with the exposure of sun thus protecting the car paint from UV rays. Applying a good quality car paint protection film helps to keep the look and quality of the car paint newer for a longer time.

Paint Protection films are tough and have various advantages as it resists and protects the car paint from the external pressures. In other words, the Paint Protection Film acts as a shield to the surface beneath.

It is always advisable to choose a brand which provides value for money, and which is trustable, provides quality help for any questions arising about the usage of the products, and the one which is customer-centric like the one which values customer satisfaction more than anything else provides detailed instructions on the usage of the product.  

What is a Car Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

A Car Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an optically thin film that normally is invisible and is applied to protect the car paint from external damages.

Sticky car paint protection films are made up Polyurethane which is a plastic material and is very versatile and safe to use, it is so much useful that they are used in a variety of other consumer and industrial products, the other most interesting thing is that it can be tailored into any shape be it solid or flexible making it one of the most sought after material for end-user applications.

Polyurethane has excellent tensile strength and has exceptional resistance to any type of chemical and microbial hazards, Polyurethane is used as the main material in Paint Protection Film due to its ability to be molded to any shape and offering extreme convenience and comfort to apply and use it on any type of car. It has so much value that car manufacturers use it in other parts of the car as well.

Due to the usage of Polyurethane, Sticky’s Car Paint Protection Film (Coating) has a phenomenal fungal resistance, abrasion resistance, high amount of durability, oil resistance, it also has exceptional moisture resistance and is strong and tough all of which increases its performance and it lasts for a long time.

One of the many benefits of polyurethane is that it is recyclable, due to this it is one of the most demandable materials in the making of paint protection films, the other quality is that it is extremely light in weight to handle and use.  

What are the Advantages of using the Car Paint Protection Film?

There are many benefits of using paint protection film on a car as it gives a car owner a sense of relief from the damage that can be caused if not used. Paint Protection Film provides a polished finish to the car and prevents the car paint from fading thus preserving the paint for a long time.

The other benefit of using a paint protection film is that it matches the paint color of the car. In other words, it is a transparent film that can be used in any type of car color. The other advantage is that it adds surface durability, meaning it holds the surface strongly which helps to maintain the car paint for a long time.

The car paint protection film when applied also increases the car's resale value as the looks of the car remain new and the car's paint does not get faded away, so at the time of resale the paint which is one of the biggest points of attraction while buying remains unaffected, so the car looks attractive despite using it for years.

The price or say the cost of a paint protection film varies and depends much upon the product provider, although it is much more cost-effective as compared to repairing or repainting the damaged area of the car’s surface. As the paint protection film’s shelf life is good and it provides good long term protection from the external damages.  

Why Should You Choose Sticky Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Your Car?

We at Sticky give top priority in providing our valued customers with the best quality products, round the clock customer care service, assistance through our wide range of videos on how to apply and use the products. We use top quality materials like polyurethane in our car paint protection films which are widely popular for their durability and longevity, resistance & strongness.

All the materials used in the making of our products pass through strict quality checks and the end product is used extensively in challenging conditions to ensure that they meet the end-user requirements.

We do not compromise on quality, because the best quality we give to our customers the best will be their experience of using our products. We understand the trust a customer invests by buying a product that is very essential to his/her needs. As a car owner, one always tries to purchase the right kind of accessories that are of the highest quality and provide value for the money spent.    

Features of the Sticky Car Paint Protection Films are given below -

Sticky Car Paint Protection Films are cost-effective as they last longer due to the top quality materials used in the making of the film which gives it an edge over others in the market. The materials used are Release Liner, Acrylic PS Adhesive, Aliphatic TPU Film, and Self-Healing Coating all these contribute to the effectiveness of the film in protecting the car paint. Some of the main features of sticky are listed below.

Optically Clear - All the films are optically clear and are as good as invisible, the optically clear films are designed and created to be compatible with every type of car. Applying the film is also very easy as it does not require any type of skills to apply.

Universal Size - Sticky car paint protection films come in universal size as it is designed to apply to any type of car and its shape. Ease of use and the universal size of the films gives car users a simple and efficient way to protect their car paint from getting damaged.

Computerized Cut - All car paint protection films from sticky come in a proper computerized cut pack, this gives the user a high level of comfortability in applying the paint protection films easily unlike others where the paint protection films are to be cut as per the size accordingly. We at Sticky always keep customer comfort while designing our products, because we feel enlightened to serve our customers and find ways to fulfill their expectations.

Round Corner Die Cuts - All of the sticky car paint protection films come with round corner die cuts due to which the film doesn't leave the surface and lasts for a longer time on the car's surface.

Self-Healing - One of the most striking features of sticky car paint protection film is the self-healing property, this feature self-heals any scratches on the film and goes back to its original shape after some time. This feature provides car owners with a sense of relief from adding the film again and again after some time due to scratches.

Scratch Resistant - All car paint protection films from sticky come with scratch-resistant features due to which no harm is done from external obstacles on the car paint.

Invisible Protection - After applying the film no one will notice that a film is being applied to the car due to the paint protection film's invisible feature, car paint retains its originality despite any type of harm from outside obstacles.

Less Maintenance - Maintenance costs for sticky films are very less or none as it does not require any timely upgrading or replacement or repair, the film used has all the quality features which help in maintaining itself as the time passes.

Easy Removal - If at any point of time a car user thinks of removing the film for any reason it can be removed easily, users may think that after removal of the film it may leave any marks or trace but no such thing will happen as the film which is installed has a top-quality adhesive which does not leave any mark behind and can be easily removed if proper guidelines followed.

Easy Wash - After installation of the film one can wash the car easily without any hassle, as the film on the car does not get disturbed by any type of wash. One can wash the car regularly as many times he/she wants.

All these features add an extra layer of protection to the car paint, all these features are uniquely designed to meet the expectations of the every car owner, each feature has its unique quality and advantages which it provides to protect the car’s paint from getting damaged. The above features are one of the major reasons because of which sticky films never get easily damaged with time instead they provide good value for each penny spent.    

How to Apply & Use a Paint Protection Film (PPF) on a Car?

The installation and usage of Car Paint Protection Film are very easy as mostly it is a DIY (do it yourself) depending upon the provider, a user can get it done from car mechanics as well.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) usually come in different shapes and types e.g. some come as a whole PPF material which has to be cut into shapes and get it applied on to the car, this process takes time and can be only done by mechanic experts who have the experience to cut the PPF into proper shapes and sizes and apply it wherever required.

The other type involves applying the films on the car through pre-cut shapes which are specifically designed to be applied to most vulnerable areas.

At Sticky we understand how important it is to manufacture products that are easy to use and handle, so keeping all these things in mind we have designed and produced pre-cut car paint protection films that come in different sizes as per the car composition.

We at Sticky, provide car paint protection films for various parts of the car like door edge, side mirror, door handle cavity, bumper guard, and the door still.

After the customer places the order the shipment of the product is delivered to the customer's door and then he/she just has to unbox and follow the instructions given with the product as a user manual. We have provided separate good quality practical videos for each product on the application of the films on the car. 

Detailed Step by Step Instructions on How to Apply Sticky Car Paint Protection Film is given below:

● Before application, keep the scissor, cloth, and spray with a soap solution (25% soap/shampoo & 75% water) ready.

● Open package cap and withdraw the content.

● Spray the water solution on the car surface where you intend to apply the film to clean the surface from dust particles.

● Clean and wipe the surface to ensure that no dust particles remain on the surface.

● Make your fingers wet by spraying the solution so that finger marks don't occur on the sticky side of the film.

● Paste one end at the start of the surface while removing the release gradually to avoid bubbles and slowly paste the entire film on the surface.

● Wipe off and press the surface of the film evenly to make sure that the film is applied properly.

● The optically clear film leaves no traces of the application.

● It looks as good as invisible.

By following the above instructions correctly anyone can apply the film correctly, as applying Sticky car paint protection films does not require any special skills, it is very easy to apply and use. 

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