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Sticky Foam Pads With 3M Adhesive

Sticky double sided foam pads with 3M Adhesive
Sticky double sided foam pads with 3M Adhesive
Sticky double sided foam pads Layers
Sticky Square Double Sided Tapes (Foam Pads) Usage

Sticky -Square double sided foam pads with 3M Adhesive.
(50 Pcs)

Rs. 230.00
Sticky rectangular double sided foam pads (tapes) with 3M Adhesive
Sticky rectangular double sided foam pads (tapes) with 3M Adhesive
Sticky Rectangular Double Sided Foam Pads (tapes) layers with 3m Adhesive
Sticky Rectangular Double Sided Foam Pads with 3M Adhesive Pack
Sticky Rectangular Double Sided Foam Pads with 3M Adhesive Usage

Sticky -Rectangular double sided foam pads with 3M Adhesive.(50 Pcs)

Rs. 250.00
Sticky small rectangular double sided foam pads (tapes)
Sticky small rectangular double sided foam pads (tapes)
Sticky small rectangular double sided foam pads Layers with 3M Adhesive
Sticky small rectangular Foam Pads (tapes) Usage

Sticky -Small rectangular double sided foam pads with 3M Adhesive.(50 Pcs)

Rs. 230.00
Sticky Circular Double Sided Foam Pads (tapes) 3M  Box
Sticky Circular Double Sided Foam Pads (tapes) 3M  Box
Sticky Circular Double Sided Foam Pads (Tapes) with 3M Adhesive Layers
Sticky Circular Double Sided Foam Pads Usage

Sticky -Circular double sided foam pads with 3M adhesive.(50 Pcs)

Rs. 230.00

Introducing Sticky’s Double sided foam pads! Also referred to as double sided adhesive tape, our double sided sticky tape comes with 3M quality that ensures strong adhesion between the bonding surfaces. The Sticky 3M double sided foam pads can be used for numerous activities. Several industries and professionals make use of double sided foam tape.

Can be used for various applications

Product showcase

If used as per the application guidelines, these foam pads can do wonders.
Sticky foam pads are the solution for all your crafting needs!

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Sticky rectangular double sided foam pads (tapes) with 3M Adhesive
Sticky rectangular double sided foam pads (tapes) with 3M Adhesive
Sticky Rectangular Double Sided Foam Pads (tapes) layers with 3m Adhesive
Sticky Rectangular Double Sided Foam Pads with 3M Adhesive Pack
Sticky Rectangular Double Sided Foam Pads with 3M Adhesive Usage

Sticky -Rectangular double sided foam pads with 3M Adhesive.(50 Pcs)

Rs. 250.00
  • Quantity : 50 pieces
  • Both surfaces should be clean from dust and other foreign particles before application.
  • High bond technology with precise die cut shape enables ease of application.
  • 3M's original grade adhesive used on both sides of the foam.
  • Foam used, provides a cushioning effect to the products pasted using these foam pads.
  • Dimensional Size: 64 x 35 x 3


3M's original grade adhesive used on both sides of the foam. Foam provides a cushioning effect to the products pasted using these foam pads. It can offer 50% higher performance than any other standard tapes on plain and dust free surface. 3M tape can hold up items without bolts, screws or give performed well indoor applications. It is a smart alternative to drilling holes into your wall for sticking lightweight products. It can mount a wide range of items like nameplates, posters, photoframes and also convenient solutions for affixing decorative items on vehicle dashboard. This tape is mostly for indoor use and best suitable for softcore applications. It is ideal for lightweight mounting like papers, photos, cards, etc.


Sticky is a newly launched line of adhesives under the Hi-tech Coaters and Converters. Hi-tech coaters and converters are among the best for providing supreme quality products. With an assorted and unique product range, HCC fulfills all your industrial needs.

Sticky is the brand that can well easily cater to any kind of consumer. The uniqueness of its products makes it easy to use and without absolutely any hassle while being adjustable, durable and can be used for long term or short term purposes. Being economically quite affordable, it may as well be an alternative for quite a lot of things! At Sticky, we are constantly thriving to make lives simpler through means of creativity and innovation by providing value for money and solution-based products.

From using high-quality, heavy-duty double-sided foam pads that are really handy for craftsmen, artisans and students to other unique products which if applied on any surface, protect the surface by not leaving any residue or scar behind.

Hi-tech group is based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Having spent 31 years successfully in the Industrial sector, Hi-tech group is a legacy. And has been recognized and listed among the “Top 150 fastest growing companies in India.’ It was awarded as the “Economic Times India’s Growth Champions 2020” by the Economics Times of India and Statista Group.

What is a Double Sided Tape?

Dual side tape, also known as double coated tape or two-facing tape or foam pads, is widely employed in a wide range of industries for applications such as bonding, holding, mounting, splicing and packaging, through the application of a thin adhesive layer on either side of a carrier substrate material. It is obviously used to stick two surfaces together most often; typically not visible in the end product. That is because it is mounted in the meantime instead of being "overlaid." This specific application allows a neater appearance and better manufacturing.

Dual-sided tapes or foam pads, often of varying materials, can also be either slim (e.g. paper) or dense (e.g. foam-based), covered with rubber, acrylic or a modificated variety. Double-sided tapes with thick bonding systems would usually be best connected to exceptional, uniform or highly engineered and textured surfaces.

Thick bonding systems typically require a layer of foam reinforcement and can differ in strength considerably. Sticky's double sided foam pads are designed with a release paper on both sides, below which lies an adhesive layer and between the two adhesive layers is the white soft foam. With precise shape and size of the foam pads we have enabled good bonding mechanism for indoor and soft core use of our products. Sticky foam pads or double sided tape comes in different shapes and sizes to fit almost all of your needs. 

Why you should choose our Strong Adhesive Tape/Foam Pads

• We have 24x7 support for queries on our website for all your doubts. The consumers can directly contact our technical team.

• The ultimate happiness of our customers is a hassle free return or swap. We firmly believe in the good purchasing experience and thus quick and convenient returns.

• To all our precious clients, we have cash on delivery options, which very few e- commerce websites have at the moment. We firmly believe in providing value based good and services.

• As security is critical, we have safe payment gates, which do not bounce or fail transactions. At the check-out window all forms of payments are approved.

• Hi-Tech Coater & Converter launched the Sticky Brand, and being an industrial manufacturing firm itself, it is an ISO certified company. Thus, quality management is strictly supervised and products are thoroughly monitored prior to shipping to its customers.

• We pledge to deliver an exclusive and unique product range that is not available on other platforms, online or offline. We have the best in class stores at Sticky for different types of items which are based on adhesive and have distinct properties. 

Why our Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape suits your home?

Beautiful homes, stunning designs, magnificent interior. Do we not all love ourselves a fine, exquisite or cosy surroundings filled with warmth and love? What makes a home special is the uniqueness it reflects. After all, you decorate your home the way it feels right to you, correct? We appreciate your style and we are here to make your imagination come to life in just the right way!

Wall nails cause so much unneeded damage to the walls and often makes it look untidy. Would you not rather deck up your walls with perfection and spruceness? Sticky’s double sided tape or foam pads for walls can be easily used to mount and hang objects on the wall. Your elegant art collection deserves to look good. Or maybe a grand family picture in the centre. What do you think? Possibilities are endless. Explore, let your creativity know no bounds. Decorate as you please! Adorn your house. Our foam pads or double sided adhesive tape is made from the best high quality materials to provide you with long lasting adhesion. You can use it temporarily or permanently. If you did not like the placing of a certain object on the wall, just shift it to another! Sticky’s foam pads or both side tapes do not leave any residue behind! You may get bored of the same position or design but Sticky does not let go easily. Our 3M foam pads or strong double-sided tapes are contrived to conserve and to give precision, spruceness and durability.

You need not use new Foam pads for the same object again. At Sticky, we strive to integrate simple, useful technology that can be easily enjoyed by everyone. And here is what we can do more for you! All your furniture shopping now cannot be “Unreasonable”. Here is why. Sticky’s foam pads or heavy duty double sided tape keeps all your shelves, racks glued to the wall. The strong adhesive tape or foam pads should be used as per the size of the object. The right amount of it, if applied to the right areas will keep the object From falling down. The high quality double sided tape/foam pads are highly capable of sustaining weight.

Quite often, women handle the household. In fact, it is quite often seen that the children and women may spend more time at home. This is why, our double sided foam pads are child friendly. Using hammer and nail can become a very messy task so; women can easily use our product too for several minor or major fixes in the house. 

Get More Marks with Sticky’s Foam Pads/Poster Tapes

Education too, over the time, has evolved. What used to be just rote learning has changed drastically. Schools now put more emphasis on teaching through visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary means. These methods usually make use of a variety of activities that enables a student to explore his creativity and thus have a better understanding of concepts. For example, schools hold ‘Science exhibitions’ or have celebrations of cultural events such as ‘Hindi Diwas’ or ‘Cultural day’, ‘Drama competition’ or even ‘Best of waste’. The list is endless. Students usually participate with zeal and zest. These are the events to look forward to in the academic year. We are here to help you bag the trophy!

Break a leg with Sticky’s foam pads or double sided tape. We offer you precision, tidiness and durability. Create flawless models for your Science homework. The planets in your solar system would love to rotate about their axis and not have external factors such as poor adhesiveness of some loose tape change their course.

Here you get extra marks for perfection! What counts most in any craft competition is how creative the idea or your model is and the tidiness with which you create it. We often limit ourselves to only make a model which is conveniently tidy and probably will not show many tape marks! You have to agree, we do this. Because we do not want to lose marks for being untidy right? But what about being creative? We want your creativity to know no bounds! We want you to go on exploring ceaselessly. Your learning process should be one which is incessant and without a break. Fantasize wildly and mould your imagination with Sticky’s double sided foam tape. Extra points for creativity! Because, nothing is impossible.

Schools are now living up to their name ‘temple of learning’ more than ever by cultivating value based education. It is so important to make realize the budding generation of youth in India, the significance of conserving. With ever growing need and over consumption of resources, it is vital for the next generation to understand where they can possibly create a difference. ‘Best of waste’ competitions can be so tricky. But oh, what fun they are! Make best of waste without any haste. It is time to switch your creativity ON. Just one step to make Creativity, conservation, and learning. You will not need much of the foam pads or double stick tape if applied on the right areas.

Annual Day is known to be one of the most important events. And sure enough, it is celebrated with great pomp. Drama, recitals, dance, fashion show and whatnot. It may not always be possible to take costumes on rent because of scarcity and cost of them. Thus, we encourage you to make DIY costumes! It possibly could not get any easier than using Sticky’s double sided foam pads.

The price of double sided tape or foam pads that comes with such advantages is economically affordable. The key benefit of using double-sided tape (foam pads) from Sticky is that it is easy to use both for short and long term purposes. Its flexible character makes it easy to shift or to alter. It depends just on how the consumer wants to use the app. 

Smart tools for Smart Business Presentations

An excellent presentation of yourself as well as your ideas makes you a distinguished colleague or interview candidate. With Sticky, stand out and achieve. Give your ideas a shape, structure. Cast a visual, tangible representation. Use Sticky’s foam pads/ double stick tape for all your business models. Let your ideas be spread effectively and heard efficiently! Do it with finesse because right professionalism and attitude can only bring you more achievements. Whatever you do, do it with perfection! 

Architect with Double Sided Adhesive Tape / Foam Pads

Every person desires to have a house of their own which suits their tastes and lifestyle. It is up to the builder to give birth to the client’s vision for the home. Your architecture model is only as good as the glue that holds it together. You could be the best architect in the world, but if you are using the wrong products then it then you are wasting your time building models.

Among Architects virtual 3D modelling has for decades been increasing in its popularity. Be it for a client or professor, such models are always necessary in order to produce a complete understanding of the relationship between spaces of your design. Sticky’s strong Adhesive tape or foam pads provide grip to your model and binds it together so that all your details are represented accurately and exactly the way you want it. It is all in the details. Every detail is very important in an architectural model. 

Double sided tape or Foam Pads in Industry

The construction Industry has also realised the importance of an innovation like this. While material like screws, bolts and rivets concentrate stress on single stage, the two surfaces are permanently connected to one side by a high resistance dual-faced tape, which divides the load over the entire assembly surface. It connects the surfaces quickly and does not require any skills to use them. In construction it is used to bind glasses, woods, steels, cement, foams or plastics together. More and more manufacturers are making their product with double-sided tape for easy installation. As labour shortage becomes a big issue, finding ways to save installation time is becoming critical. 

Other Miscellaneous Uses

When the festive season falls round the corner, excitement fills the air. Right from Sankranti to Christmas, each festival is celebrated in different ways. We encourage you to make something handmade, perhaps a greeting card or maybe some origami box, and gift it to your loved ones. Gifts like these always remain as a touching memory in the heart. Such things bring out emotions that strengthen bonds.

Make something of your own. Sticky is here to help you entirely. Bring a smile on your loved one. Create heart touching moments. 

In Brief

Sticky's dual-sided adhesive tape or foam pads is supplied with a 3M high quality adhesive. It is quick to add posters or other ornamental objects on the wall. Its key benefit is that it is used through short-term or long-term use of the dual fabric. It can be easily transferred or modified because it is versatile in design. It just depends on how the consumer chooses to use it.

Wall nails create unwanted wall holes that are not pleasant to view. Sticky comes with quite a few advantages for double-sided foam pads. Another of them is that, the wall does not get damaged, after the application and the surface remains intact even after it has been removed from the wall. The best option for connecting two distinct surfaces, either briefly or permanently, is a double-sided tape (foam pads). There are many businesses using double facing adhesive tapes (foam pads), which are used widely by artisans and craft professionals.

Sticky’s 3M double side tape (foam pads) is so easy to use that you only have to peel and stick it. The type of material used (in foam pads) makes it completely configurable to any form of surface.

The 3M adhesive tape by Sticky is manufactured from the finest materials. Before launching onto the market, Sticky’s double-sided foam pads are tested. The sticky tape is extremely useful for installing, holding or joining different items in the home decor, as it is easy to add behind any item. The adhesive foam pads are purposely designed so that two surfaces can be held together, without it looking shabby or untidy.

One of the key reasons for the success of 3M double sided tape, is that they equally distribute the load on the individual parts, as opposed to wall nails, hooks and screws. Two sided tapes from Sticky (foam pads) also offer other advantages, such as saving time and hassle free application and easy to use.

The solid double-sided, high quality, heavy duty tape by Sticky is made in various ways, making it flexible and customizable to the user's needs. A consumer can use several adhesive Sticky 3M taps (shake plugs) to connect the object to a stronger bond. The Sticky double sided adhesive tape (foam pads) price is very inexpensive and provides value for money spent.

Sticky’s strong double sided high quality heavy duty tape is available in different shapes which makes it more adjustable and flexible as per the user needs. A user can use multiple Sticky 3M strong adhesive tapes for a stronger bond while mounting an object on the wall. The Sticky double sided tape price is very affordable and provides value for the money spent.

These adhesive tape double sided are very favourite among craftsmen, artisans & students as it minimizes their extra work. Sticky tapes (foam pads) can be used with many surfaces and the main feature of Sticky’s foam pads is that it does not cause any damage to the surface. One of the main reasons behind the development and creation of the sticky 2 sided strong adhesive tape is to provide a trustable, highly durable and cost effective alternative for other highly priced double sided tapes, glues and other adhesive products. 

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